*NEW* Born to Be Iconic ™ Transfer/Crease Resistant Metallics

Ladies - are you ready for this? The ability to put on a liquid to powder eyeshadow in a flash and get out the door? What about making a cut-crease on the eye without having to use concealer underneath? Introducing - our "Born to Be Iconic" liquid to waterproof, transfer resistant, crease proof eyeshadows.


Currently in 12 colors, with an innovative doe-foot applicator, like what you see with a liquid lipstick of lipgloss, give you precision to put you eyeshadow on where you want it, when you want it on. Even use as an eyeliner!


Want to change colors for a date-night? No problem, just apply another color right on top, as these liquid eyeshadows are so pigmented, you will not be able to see the color underneath.


This innovative product solves a lot of your eyeshadow problems in a flash, and is made my a celebrity/pro make-up artist for the everyday woman to get a pro look without the time and hustle. Grab yours - try it for yourself - and remember, you were BORN to be ICONIC.

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