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About Us

Meet The Girl Behind the Brand, Tiffany Herrmann

Interview with Jaimi Alexander in Hollywood, California


Our Story

Tiffany Sheree Hudson Herrmann, President and CEO of Sheree Cosmetics LLC, - a cosmetic lover since the young age of 6 and a celebrity/pro certified make-up artist - had a dream her entire life to create her own cosmetic line - and not one that was just professional quality - but one that gave back. 

After 10 months of developing her own liquid lipstick formula, in partnership with chemists and a cosmetic lab, her vision came to life. Sheree Cosmetics was born. What makes the line even more special is that it is a family-owned company. 

And what truly makes it unique? Sheree Cosmetics donates lashes to women undergoing chemotherapy. They give food, blankets, toys, and essentials to animals in shelters. They pay the medical bills for animals who would not survive without treatment. It doesn't stop there - the company has helped survivors of hurricanes, helped rebuild and donate supplies to victims who have lost their homes, have helped the homeless, educated young women on interview tips/techniques, and much more.

We've been asked - what makes our liquid lipstick so different than the rest? The formula is unique, one-of-a-kind, smudge resistant, transfer resistant, feather light, cruelty free, paraben free, chemical free and ultra pigmented!

The brushes are professional quality, are also cruelty free, super soft, and blend like a dream!

The eyeshadows are talc-free, cruelty free, all natural, superior pigmentation, blend like butter, and are so finely milled - they almost feel wet to the touch.

The eyelashes are 100% cruelty free and made of 3D silk - so featherlight and soft to the touch with maximum comfort.

The glitter palette is ultra-packed with glitter, with glue in the glitter - all activated by the finger! No fall-out. No Mess. Just Gorgeous.

Along with the cosmetic line, Tiffany is now a professional and celebrity make-up artist with over 10 years of experience in the field working on some of the top names in the industry. She counts every day as a blessing and loves what she does from the bottom of her heart. She says the key to success is to always remain, humble, kind, always give more than you receive, and be true to who you are - and to remember - you were BORN to SPARKLE. 

Office Location: Spanish Fort, AL

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