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Lashes 101

So, you've bought your first set of lashes and don't know where to begin? Here's some tips and tricks for lash beginners. Our lashes are 100% vegan synthetic silk, ultra lightweight and can be used up to 40 times with proper care!

Lashes 101

Presented by:

Celebrity/Pro Make-up Artist and CEO of Sheree Cosmetics, Tiffany Hudson Herrmann


  •  Step one – Determine which lash is for each eye.
    •  If you take the case, logo out, and take a look in the mirror, you can determine which lash is meant for each eye.
    •  In other words, it's going to be backwards from how it appears when you are looking at the case.
  •  Step two – Carefully remove the lashes from the case.
    • Carefully using your thumb, gently press down on the lashes and very slowly remove from the case by coaxing away from where it's adhered to.
    • Try not to use tweezers to remove – it can damage your lashes.
  • Step three – Determine measurement for your eye.
    • Your lashes should never go all the way in the inner corner of the eye, as this can cause lifting.
    • To measure for your eye, gently place the lashes on top of yours (without glue!) and determine how much you need to cut off for your eye shape. Most lashes are made long because of different eye shapes.
    • If you are having trouble with placement, close your eye and place the lashes on yours. The inner corner should not touch your inner tear duct. The outer corner should stop where the end of your eyelashes end. If you place with your eyes closed, and then open them, you will notice the natural gap between your inner corner and the lashes – this is how they are supposed to fit.
  • Step four – Cut your lashes to your eye length.
    • Always cut from the outside end of the lashes to avoid the natural gradient of the lash.
    • We recommend using small scissors, like cuticle scissors to cut your lashes.
    • Always cut in small amounts and then place on the eye again to see if you need to cut any more off.
    • Always cut from the band towards the lashes to avoid accidentally cutting the lashes.
    • Try to cut within the tiny gaps between the lashes for the most natural looking cut.
    • Remember, you will only have to do this once per set of lashes! Our lashes can be worn up to 40 times with proper care (see proper care guide at the end)!
  • Step five – Roll your lashes.
    • Take both ends of your lashes and gently roll in a "U" shape. This will help the lash contour to your eye and prevent lifting.
  • Step six – Apply mascara and eyeliner.
    • Always apply mascara and allow it to dry before placing your lashes. It will help with the longevity of the lashes and make them look more natural!
    • We also recommend applying eyeliner before lashes to help them seamlessly blend in.
  • Step seven – Apply glue.
    • Apply glue (in a small amount – remember, less is more in this instance) on the band.
    • The glue should be on the band towards where the lashes will stick to the line of the eye.
    • Apply a bit extra glue to the inner and outer corner of your lashes, as that is where lashes tend to lift the most.
    • Depending on the glue (our lashes and most professional lashes do not come with glue), wait for the glue to set. If you try to apply your lashes and it doesn't adhere immediately – the glue is not ready yet. Give it a few more seconds and try again.
  • Step eight – Apply your lashes.
    • For beginners, we recommend using a mirror at chin level, looking downwards to apply your lashes.
    • Grab your lashes with tweezers in the center, as close to the lash band as you can without touching the glue.
    • Looking down into your mirror, apply the center first as close to the natural lash line as you can.
    • Take your tweezers and place the outer corner of the band as closely as you can to the lash line, and finally the inner corner.
    • To ensure the glue is adhered all the way across the band, close your eye and press lightly on the lashes to ensure we are good to go!
    • Take your tweezers and now press your natural lashes together with your false lashes.
  • TIP: if you have any small gaps, place a little bit of eyeliner to blend together.


Proper Lash Care

  • Our lashes are handmade in the lab and are durable enough to be used up to 40 times with proper care!
  • At the end of the day, take a q-tip with warm water or an eye makeup remover, close your eyes and gently rub the q-tip along the band. It should come off easily. DO NOT pull them off without using something to loosen the glue – it's bad for your natural lashes!
  • Most women take the glue off every 2-3 uses, however, it is more sanitary to remove the glue after each use.
  • To remove glue:
    • Hold the lashes between your index finger and thumb.
    • Take tweezers and gently pull the glue from the lash band.
    • If you have make-up or mascara on your lashes, place them on a paper towel, and gently go over the lashes with a q-tip with warm water or eye-makeup remover. Be sure not to drench the lashes, just gently clean them. When dry – pop them back in their beautiful case for next time wear!